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Kevin McGreskin presents for Danish FA and Superliga elite youth coaches......... Kevin McGreskin presents for Danish FA and Superliga elite youth coaches..........

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Kevin McGreskin in Denmark

SC Heerenveen

Kevin McGreskin recently presented for the Dansk Boldspil Union (Danish FA)......... read more 

Improving game awareness, anticipation & decision making, on and off the ball, through innovative training techniques

"The on-field practical session focused on the dynamic variables - and it was one of the best sessions I've ever seen or participated in........ It was an incredible session, and put paid to the myth that training perception and decision-making skills cannot be done."
Jason deVos, former Canada National Team Captain

"Kevin has worked with the IFA in a number of coaching capacities. His contribution to IFA Coach Education has focused on the delivery of his programme on developing 'vision & awareness' and how 'mental overload' can be incorporated into sessions to challenge the player when preparing for what is a much faster game, in which must be both mentally and physically quick. Kevin has a great depth of knowledge relating to what players require mentally and technicall to be top performers in the modern game."
Nigel Best, Performance Director, Irish FA.

"I absolutely love the ideas and my players really enjoy the exercises. Constant awareness of what's going on around you and the ability to know what you're going to do with the ball before you even receive are a necessity in the modern game. Soccer eyeQ forces the players to have constant little looks around them whilst working on the fundamentals of body shape and a good first touch. I'd happily recommend this to any coach who wants to develop their players."
Steve Robinson ex-Northern Ireland International, Northern Ireland U21 International Coach