"The on-field practical session focused on the dynamic variables - and it was one of the best sessions I've ever seen or participated in.......... It was an incredible session, and put paid to the myth that training perception and decision-making skills cannot be done."
Jason deVos, former Canada National Team Captain

"Kevin has worked with the IFA in a number of coaching capacities.  His contribution to IFA Coach Education  has focused on the delivery of his programme on developing 'vision & awareness' and how 'mental overload' can be incorporated into sessions to challenge the player when preparing for what is a much faster game, in which must be both mentally and physically quick.  Kevin has a great depth of knowledge relating to what players require mentally and technicall to be top performers in the modern game."
Nigel Best, Performance Director, Irish FA.

"Kevin's presentation and pitch session gave a valuable insight on how to develop game awareness and vision through secondary task training.  Although new to many of the coaches present Kevin's presentation was such that no matter what the level of experience the coach had, he or she benefited greatly.  All present left motivated to embrace this form of training and with a number of valuable methods to do so.  Football coaches are always looking for an extra edge to develop their players - this form of training is a vital building block in the development of athletes and footballers."
Ian Lowe, Scottish FA.

"Having met and seen Kevin work I find his concept of football very innovative and challenging, he is extremely detailed and knowledgeable on all aspects of football development.  I had a wonderful time, learnt a lot and found Kevin to be a very honorable and motivating man.  I have since utilised some of his methods when I am working with the young players on the training field."
Perry Suckling, Tottenham Hotspur FC

"I absolutely love the ideas and my players really enjoy the exercises.  Constant awareness of what's going on around you and the ability to know what you're going to do with the ball before you even receive are a necessity in the modern game.  Soccer eyeQ forces the players to have constant little looks around them whilst working on the fundamentals of body shape and a good first touch.  I'd happily recommend this to any coach who wants to develop their players."
Steve Robinson ex-Northern Ireland International, Northern Ireland U19 International Coach

"The Soccer eyeQ training really forces the players to have a greater understanding of what is going on around them all the time.  It really challenges the player to constantly have quick looks around them, which means they know what they can do with the ball before they even get it.  I'd recommend any coach to have a look at this."
Mike Byrne, Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

"The information and attention to detail was first class by way of explaining the science behind it all and more importantly going onto the training field and demonstrating practices which will assist players in their decision making in a fast paced game whilst at the same time having fun. I will be using utilizing SeQ in my sessions."
Chris Allen, Oxford United FC Professional Youth Team Manager

"I really like the ideas you have presented.  We have advocated this type of approach for some time but haven't found coaches as enthusiastic as you - you are ahead of the pack!"
Damian Farrow, Senior Skill Acquisition Specialist, Australian Institute of Sport.

"The Soccer eyeQ concept is excellent.  Game awareness is such a huge part of the game, and it is one of the key things that makes the difference at the higher levels of the game.  The exercises really force the players to have a look around them, and the overload concept really challenges the players to think and act more quickly.  The players enjoy it and I thoroughly recommend this approach to developing players."
Alfie Wylie, Northern Ireland International Women's Team Manager

"I thought it only right to thank the Soccer eyeQ training programme as I feel the awareness training encouraged visual perception, got the mind thinking quicker thus enhancing decision making, it was enjoyable yet at the same time demanding. I also feel that it improved the first touch, the next pass, player's space awareness, movement on and off the ball and confidence."
Chris Peacock, Swindon Town FC

"I have made good use of the guidance and information contained on the DVD. Any tools that make coaching more inventive and enjoyable will of course, I feel, be well accepted within the coaching community. The methodology highlights some of the limitations, both within our game, and much of our current coaching, compared with many of our counterparts. Movement and spatial awareness being the two main areas for me. I look forward to the growth of your ideas."
Keith Harrison, Newcastle Town FC and ex-Manchester United FC

"I think they [the training exercises] are fantastic.  I think the secondary task training of the type you have put together here offers a tremendous amount for skill learning.  Not only is it game-like and challenges progressive development of the movement skills but the freeing up of attention that comes with primary task improvement also automatically provides players with a broader visual field and the opportunity to be aware of, and responsive to, all the other important things going on around them.  I commend you for developing the approach you have."
Bruce Abernethy, Director of Institute of Human Performance.

"Visual Awareness is a key component of any player's game.  The ability to look away from the ball is a massive factor in every decision a player makes.  After three hours of visual awareness training the improved game impact of players who took on board and worked hard on the training was evident.  Coaches have spent many years telling players to check their shoulders with limited success, this training improves a player's confidence and ability in frequently looking away from the ball and therefore their awareness in the game."
Dan Walder, Luton Town FC Coach

"Having coached, and been a part, of the Soccer eyeQ sessions in how to develop vision and awareness I can definitely say they fulfill their target 100%. They test your psychological ability to process information and make decisions a great deal and I found myself having to adapt to the differing demands the sessions encourage. I would recommend you give the sessions a try with your players as when they enter a competitive match situation you will be able to see 'a little check over their shoulder' for their team members and their game awareness improve due to these specially tailored exercises. I have seen firsthand the benefits of this way of coaching players."
Andy Elleray, Cheltenham Town FC, Coach & 1st Team Performance Analyst

"I believe vision and awareness is fundamental to a players development.  Using Soccer eyeQ training, I've seen my players enjoy themselve but also seen an improvement in their awareness of space, their body shape and understanding of their environment.  I am extremely happy with Soccer eyeQ and will be using them again."
Tom Powers, Abo IFK, Finland